Ag Technology
Solutions for Central California

Signature AgTech is your local ag technologies partner utilizing the most high tech and reliable equipment and software while always providing the best service in the industry.


  • Monitoring and Control

    SAT has worked with a variety of sensors and platforms and has put together a premier suite of proven solutions to meet any grower’s needs.

    Existing sensor upgrades and remote monitoring

  • Imagery

    There are some amazing technologies emerging from this space to give growers a daily, weekly or monthly view of their operations. These range from normal pictures to monitor field conditions to NDVI showing plant vigor and many other useful sensor imaging techniques.

    • Satellite
    • Planet Labs
    • Fixed wing
    • Terravion
    • On ground imaging – LiDAR
    • AGERpoint
  • Precision Farming Equipments

    Providing a wide variety of GPS steering, on-tractor controllers for precision spraying, planting, seeding and more helps reduce costs and increase productivity.

    • AgLeader – Precision spraying / planting / steering
    • TracMap –spray tracking /job allocation
  • Wireless Internet

    We offer basic and customized solutions to provide WiFi across your ranch

  • Telemetry

    The AgriCapture platform is the user-friendly, in-field telemetry system that can exceed any customer’s expectations. As it was built upon years of grower / in-field knowledge, this system is the future-proofed foundation needed within the industry, allowing you to expand your in field technologies for years to come – from monitoring through complete remote control, and even automation.

    • AgTech Industries – AgriCapture
  • Asset and Equipment
    Maintenance Tracking

    Do you know where your equipment or fleet vehicles are at this moment? We offer a variety of solutions to monitor and send alerts based on maintenance needs, driving at excess speeds, PTO or spraying on, entering or leaving certain areas as well as tracking if something is stolen or moving off hours.

    • Assurian or GeoForce
  • Software and Apps

    We have searched the world for the best software and mobile apps available to allow a grower to continue being a farmer and not an IT specialist. We utilize simple, user friendly solutions that anyone in an operation can use to get actionable information. This reduces the time and headache that comes from staring at pages of charts to try to extrapolate and understand how to make management decisions throughout your operation.

    • AgInstinct - ranch management
    • Heavy Connect – equipment management
  • Sensors


    There are a variety of sensor technologies we can provide depending on your crop, soil type, and growing style.

    • HSTI
    • AquaCheck
    • Sentek
    • Decagon
    • Irrometer
    • Waterbit
    • ESI Gro Point


    Whether your looking for a full weather station to calculate ETo, a micro climate station, or a handheld unit to help track your spray applications, we have you covered.

    • Davis Instruments
    • WeatherFlow


    Water and knowing how and where it is used has become one of the most important things in any operation. SAT provides a variety of sensing and automation solutions to help manage anything pertaining to water usage around your property.

    • Pressure transducers
    • Depth sensors (tank, well, pond, canal)
    • Water meter automation
    • Stand alone well depth sensor
    • Banner ultrasonic>


    As the direct plant-based sensing technologies continue to emerge with realistic and scalable solutions, we can help you navigate to the best product to fit your needs.

    • Dendrometers
  • Cameras and Surveillance

    This game style camera will instantly send pictures to your phone or email account. The motion sensing camera is perfect for scouting, security, and surveillance of your properties.

    • Integrate the ROI calculator (and track numbers entered if possible) for each technology

About Us

Signature Ag Technologies is your local ag technologies partner utilizing the most high tech and reliable equipment and software while always providing the best service in the industry. We sell, install, and service a wide variety of monitoring and control systems utalizing solutions from Davis Instruments, Aquacheck, Sentek, TracMap, HSTI, Covert Cameras and more. Many options for online software allows you to quickly and easily navigate simple, animated and customizable web platforms that can be accessed anywhere internet is available via computer, tablet or smart phone. We email weekly reports and can send you alerts when sensors hit certain levels.

In addition, we can help you with support services such as:

  • - New equipment installation
  • - AgTechnology Planning and Consulting
  • - Training
  • - Equipment moves to new fields
  • - Remote diagnostics
  • - Infield trouble shooting
  • - Maintenance services

From the President

I have grown up immersed in the agricultural community since I was a young child. In addition to being very involved in 4-H, I have worked alongside my dad to start and grow Signature Irrigation in Salinas Valley from its inception in 1997, while helping that company to become the innovative leader it is today.

We continuously search for the best solutions from around the world and are able to concentrate helping on growers implement and utilize efficient technologies. Signature AgTech has developed new markets and continues to keep customers on the cutting edge of technology.

We have become extremely involved with bringing newer AgTech solutions to market and bridging the gap between Silicon Valley tech and investors with the commercial agriculture markets.

I was a founder of the AgTech Meetup Group holding monthly events bridging the technology, investment and growing communities and have been a guest speaker in multiple AgTech events throughout California. I have also spoken about growers needs at conferences such as BonAppetech in San Francisco and others around the country.

As a family, we spend most of our weekends outdoors with our young sons, four-wheeling, biking, hiking, snowboarding, or experiencing the other amazing things our beautiful state has to offer.

We work with a lot of outstanding customers and I am excited that I can be a part of this progressive and benificial technology movement.​

Our partner companies help us stay ahead of the competition and help our growers feed 9 billion people toward 2050!






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